What Remains Of This Place?, Eleanor McCaughey & Richard Proffitt

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What Remains Of This Place? is 24-page catalogue of a two-person exhibition of the same name. What Remains Of This Place? featured temporarily installed painting and sculptural works by Eleanor McCaughey & Richard Proffitt in the East Wall area of Dublin, Ireland in November 2020.

24pp. | 168 x 260mm

The unique experience of life in a pandemic has highlighted for Eleanor McCaughey the simplistic human need and search for transcendence beyond where the dirt, refuse and shit resides. McCaughey views her installations not as agents of faith but as her earthbound material religion, helping her to navigate the world. Frances King writes in ‘Material religion and popular culture’ about how it is through material objects that people express their identity, affiliation and how they choose to be seen by others.

Richard Proffitt is an artist working in sculpture, painting, sound and writing. The works often coalesce to create immersive, otherworldly, site-responsive installation works evocative of places of worship one may imagine existing in an intermingling cosmic universe of esoteric folk religions, the bedroom of a teenage loner, a spaghetti western and the remote habitat of a psychedelic death cult.