Curriculum: Contemporary Art Goes to School, ed. Jennie Guy

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Curriculum: Contemporary Art Goes to School explores the intersection of contemporary art practice and school education. It surveys Art School, an art-in-education initiative led by Jennie Guy that has brought contemporary artists to work with primary and secondary school students in Ireland since 2014. Breaching the conventions of art and craft education, these collaborations are set by critics and theorists in the context of radical pedagogical experiments and new critical thinking about art beyond the gallery.

Responding to a growing desire to rethink art education at all levels, Curriculum is for those committed to new forms of social imagination and social engagement in contemporary art. This book is for curators, school teachers and other educators, and also for artists and art students who wish to extend their practice. Less a manifesto or a declaration of doctrine than an emergent set of experiments, Curriculum considers the school as a zone of artistic and curatorial practice, foregrounding the potential of contemporary art (understood in wide terms) to stimulate students’ creativity in original and open ways.

Clare Butcher, Gerard Byrne, Juan Canela, Helen Carey, Daniela Cascella, Jennie Guy, Andrew Hunt, Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed, Alissa Kleist, Rowan Lear, Peter Maybury, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Nathan O’Donnell, Sofía Olascoaga & Priscila Fernandes, Matt Packer and Sjoerd Westbroek.

The book explores Art School projects developed by artists Sven Anderson, John Beattie, Clare Breen, Sarah Browne, Karl Burke, Rhona Byrne, Ella de Búrca, Vanessa Donoso Lopez, Priscila Fernandes, Hannah Fitz, Jane Fogarty, Kevin Gaffney, Adam Gibney, Fiona Hallinan, Elaine Leader, Maria McKinney, Maeve Mulrennan, Mark O’Kelly, Sarah Pierce, Naomi Sex and Orlaith Treacy.

This publication was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and the Arts Office of Wicklow County Council.

304pp. | 240 x 165 mm
ISBN: 9781789382266
Publisher: Intellect Books