Young Art Writers 2019

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By Anna Gormely, Katie Griffin, Yurika Higashikawa, Sarah Long, Eilis Mahon, Maija Sofia Makela, Alannah Matthews, Aisling Phelan, Rory Reilly, Ellen Whyte Duggan.

Young Art Writers was an educational initiative jointly run by the Royal Hibernian Academy and Temple Bar Galleries + Studios, centred around the topic of writing within visual art practices. This publication follows the precident set by the 2018 Young Writers publication.

It culminated in a series workshops and tours of exhibitions over several weekends, in which 11 participants were introduced to the subject of how writing and the act of writing are presented with contemporary art.

Inspired by these workshops, the participants were asked to create a written piece on whatever subject they choose. This journal was produced to catalogue their responses, which varied in format, from essays and poetry, to free-form and experimental pieces. It was launched and sold at the Dublin Art Book Fair 2019.

Facilitator + Mediator: Molly May O'Leary
Coordinator: Roisin Bohan

54 pp | 1450 x 210 mm