The Palace of the Moon, Ami Jackson

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The past year has led me to fixate on my domestic surroundings, my interior conscious topography, and subconscious escapes. I began to question the random, orchestrating connections for narrative and aesthetic purposes. I was drawn to examine how I feel, how I organise my time, and how I fit into my environment. Where do I belong in relation to my things, my thoughts, and my situation? These tiny things (tchotchkes) which I collected became like props to help me tell a story of domestic experience and time passing during this period. What do I hold valuable, what do I love, what makes me feel at home and what feels alien?

The idea behind this zine was to share some of the thoughts and drawings throughout this time. The zine opens out into a poster which can be hung, with the intention of the work returning to a domestic space.

16pp. | 150 x 210 mm

Ami Jackson is a Japanese/Irish artist, based in Dublin. She recently received her honours degree in Fine Art Print from the National College of Art and Design and is the recipient of the Black Church Cabinet Award, 2020 and a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin.
Born in Nagoya, Japan and educated in Japan, Ireland, and the U.K, Ami’s work draws on her varied cultural backgrounds, focusing on what it means to belong. Attempting to construct the fragile reality of home and the parallel reality of mind, she uses printmaking, collage, assemblage, drawing and collecting objects to question how these realities coexist and define each other.
Digital manipulation is also core to her image making process. The relationships between the drawn or etched line, digital imagery and found material is a key source of inspiration. Her work examines how the instantaneous digital world contrasts with meditative image making techniques.