Washes, whispers, Annaliisa Krage

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While painting I was thinking of automatic painting and drawing - the notion that something exterior to the artist tells her what to paint. Does this something also tell her how to execute the painting or drawing? Once again, I found myself facing those two difficult questions: what to paint and how to paint. Being overwhelmed, trying to find the answer to both, I settled for one. H o w do I want to paint?
Washes, whispers by Annaliisa Krage consists of a series of watercolour paintings that were made specifically for their reproduction in print. By being composed only of the basic printing colours, cyan, magenta and yellow, the paintings flirt with their means of reproduction. At an ideal level, the printer reenacts the process of painting by gradually mixing the hues and reproducing the slight variations in tone and intensity present throughout the painting.

Washes, whispers was published as part of PBFF’s Newspaper Vending Machine -project in Helsinki in October 2020.

6pp. | 350 x 500 mm

Annaliisa Krage is a visual artist living and working in Espoo, Finland. She works with painting, making small watercolour paintings and larger painterly objects, as well as artist books. She works by repeatedly asking herself two questions: what to paint and how to paint. Her paintings evolve around art historical works and techniques. Important influences in recent works have been South-Asian and Persian miniature painting, frescoes from the Renaissance and spiritist painting
from the early 1900s. In her artist books she plays with the reproducibility of painting in print. Krage graduated with a MFA from Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, Germany in 2019. She was chosen Finnish recipient of the 2019 TBG+S/HIAP Residency Exchange. Her next solo exhibition will open at Galerie Pleiku in Berlin in April 2022. Together with Tuomas Linna Krage works as Duo Malin Henrik.