Interventions, Audrey Walshe and Marie Phelan

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The book Interventions is named after an exhibition of the same name and is a further iteration of work resulting from a research collaboration between Audrey Walshe and Marie Phelan which was carried out around Castletown House and Parklands, Celbridge, Co. Kildare. This work explored how custodianship held over place is manifested in a physical and cultural sense within a landscape. This book features written text by Audrey Walshe adapted from a longer article originally published in the Visual Artists Ireland Newsletter in June 2021 as well as digital artwork created by Marie Phelan specifically for this publication. The publication references the built heritage, history and planting archives of the estate.

20pp. | 110 x 150 mm

Audrey Walshe's practice revolves around botanical materials and Irish Studies. She is interested in the material culture and social history of flowers and botany and is carrying out doctoral research on the documentation and illustration of national bio collections in an Irish Studies context at NUI Galway. Using a lens of decolonisation she is interested in examining the legacies of oppressive gardening practices. Marie Phelan is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores beliefs, rituals and the connection to place. Her practice is built on research in cultural histories, archaeologies and land based folklore. Using digital media, paper based works and installation she meditates on the crossover of past and present and engages in a dialogue exploring ideas around identity and social relationships.