FRUSTRATIONS And the tide came in, Camilla Fanning

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A visceral record of a moment in time and history, of the immediate experience of the pandemic as realisation dawned and disbelief is replaced by fact. Printed on 160gsm white card and hand finished with stitched spine. Paperback 12pp. | 100 x 110 mm I am a visual artist working across media including Fine Art Printmaking, sound, video and installation. Recently I have started to make artist’s books as well. My fine art print is regularly exhibited throughout Ireland and abroad. It is held in the Archives of the Botanic Gardens Dublin and the Graphic Studio Dublin, as well as in private collections in Ireland, the UK, Austria and New Zealand. My sound art pieces include the immersive sound installation ’Sunlight on Water’ in the MFA Final Show, a sound walk ‘Word Steps’ Public Art Commission for Waterways Winner of National Heritage Week Awards Dublin City 2020 and Over Here’ in the Solstice Art Centre 2017. I have received arts awards from the Irish Arts Council, and DLR Co. Co., I am a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin. I have completed artist residencies Limerick Printmakers (2020) in Cill Rialaig (2015, 2020, 2021), Berlin 2008 & New York 1999.