Cat Spells Murder, Alex Da Corte

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Dan Allegretto, Al Bedell, Alissa Bennett. Ian Bosak, Tommy Brewer, Charlie Fox, Noel Freibert, Francesca Gavin, Riley Hanson, Jonas Kyle, Sam McKinniss, Bob Nickas, George Pendle, Kaitlin Phillips, Tommy Pico, Sarah Nicole Prickett, William Pym, David Rimanelli, Collier Schorr, Mt Shelves, Jeremy Sigler, Zach Smith, Amy Rose Spiegel, and Jia Tolentino.

Edited by Alex Da Corte and Sam McKinniss and published on the occasion of Alex Da Corte’s show C-A-T SPELLS MURDER at KARMA, 17 February – 18 March 2018, this publication comprising of 24 stories and fictional essays exploring a multitude of themes and concepts, from monsters and ghosts to romance in the night, suburbia and superstition, paranoia and the telephone.

272 pp | 230 x 170mm
ISBN: 978-1-942607-90-8
Publisher: KARMA