Catalytic Intersections, Exploring the Index

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To celebrate it's renaming in 2021, Irish Artists' Film Index (formerly MExIndex) published Catalytic Intersections, Exploring the Index, Volume 1.

This book aims to generate debate about irish Artists' Moving Images (IAMIs) and the place they hold currently in the visual arts in Ireland. The four papers commissioned provide broad overviews of aspects of IAMIs by relating their writings to information held in the the Irish Artists' Film Index. The writers explore artists' moving image works in a number of contexts; Fiona Marron looks at their intersection with documentary, Áine Phillips with Performance, Michaële Cutaya with cinema and meadhbh McNutt with installation.
These writings are a beginning, not a conclusion. They demonstrate the many intersections between moving images and other art forms and the potential of such crossovers to enrich these genres. What is particularly striking is how the writers have found themselves questioning assumptions about one genre through examining its intersections with another. This surely is the cornerstone of a fertile and constructive approach to critical assessment within the visual arts as a whole. Equally important this and future volumes aim to keep visible the many works in the Irish Artists' Film Index that so fully deserve to be seen, written about and celebrated.

Edition of 400

60pp. | 148 x 210mm

The Irish Artists' Film Index is a free to access national databes of experimental and visual arts-based works by Irish artists, artists living in Ireland, and on relating to Irish culture and society. It is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation.