Checkout 19, Claire Louise Bennett

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"I chose three books by authors with whom I am or have been in conversation around writing and art.

This particular selection of books are all notable in their openness, ambitiousness, and generosity. They celebrate their literary predecessors and colleagues while charting exhilarating and individual courses.

They speak of influence, and pleasure in the language of others, and acknowledge the broad patina of intellectual and physical experience which form an artist, a writer and a text." - Nominated by Niamh O'Malley

With fierce imagination, a woman revisits the moments that shape her life; from crushes on teachers to navigating relationships in a fast-paced world; from overhearing her grandmothers' peculiar stories to nurturing her own personal freedom and a boundless love of literature.

Fusing fantasy with lived experience, Checkout 19 is a vivid and mesmerising journey through the small traumas and triumphs that define us - as readers, as writers, as human beings.

224pp | 135 x 216 mm
Publisher: Vintage Publishing