Compiler, Julie Merriman

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My practice is formed and directed by the process of drawing through out-dated office copying materials. In 2015 I began a series of large scale drawings Compiler based on archival engineering and technological systems. This book is a continuation of that series in a new format, the mimeograph.

The mimeograph is a low-cost duplicator that works by forcing ink through a fragile wax stencil onto paper. Like the typewriter, these machines were products of the second phase of the industrial revolution which began towards the end of the nineteenth century. This book has been printed on a Neo Cyclostyle Gestetner c. 1890. For many year, Gestetner duplicators were the primary means of reproducing documents for limited-run distribution, transforming the office environment. Such machines were also used by diverse communities around the world, including the small press printing movement of the 1960s and early 1970s. Now obsolete, these duplicators were replaced by the photocopier.

Printed on Munken Pure Rough 120gsm paper using original charcoal grey and orange Gestetner ink. Fourteen page book + front and back cover.

32pp. | 217 x 180mm

I work with communities, organisations and businesses examining the history of mark making in the context of language: drawn, written and programmed. Using present-day and historical data, I investigate modes of inscription, replication and transmission. Based in drawing, my work connects with print due to the binary nature of my materials; carbon paper, typewriter film and mimeograph stencils.

Recent achievements: Visual Arts Bursary, The Arts Council 2021; Markievicz Award 2020; Ports, Past and Present 2020; Dublin Art Book Fair, Temple Bar Gallery 2020 & 2019; Visual Arts Bursary, The Arts Council 2019; DLR Lexicon Commission Award 2018; Solo exhibitions: Carriage Return, DLR Lexicon Gallery 2018; Revisions, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane 2016. Group exhibitions: Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland, The Glucksman 2021; 30 Years Of Making, Mermaid Art Centre, Wicklow 2021; EVA International 2018. On-line exhibitions: Gestetner 140, 2021; Home from Home, The Glucksman, Cork 2020.