Catriona Leahy, Critical Zone: Bog Study

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Critical Zone: Bog Study explores the decimated raised bogs of the Midlands of Ireland.

The book assembles together a series of photographic prints made during the period of research that culminated in the triptych “Critical Zone: Bog Study I, II, III”, subsequently exhibited as part of the exhibition “Agitation Co-op” at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios in 2021. Made by exposing “constructed” negatives that are first cut and collaged, the resulting prints bear the scars and wounds of my interventions and echo the deep incisions visible on the surface of the bog.
Accompanying the book is a poem printed by foil blocking on black paper, a Rubylith film and a chemically unfixed print detailing a receding view of the cutaway bog. In its unfixed state, the photograph remains sensitive to light and therefore risks fading into darkness. The Rubylith film or mask offers a temporary shield from the light. Together, the poem, the Rubylith film and unfixed photograph, highlight the precarious state of the bog landscape.

Printed digitally on Munken Lynx paper by Plus Print Ltd.
Designed by Catriona Leahy and David Joyce at The Outside Press.

Catriona Leahy is a visual artist based in Dublin. She held a 3-year studio membership at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios (2018 – 2021) Awards include the Kildare Arts Act Grant 2021, Arts Council of Ireland Professional Development Award 2020, Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Bursary 2018, Culture Ireland Award 2018, 2016, 2011. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include Agitation Co-op curated by Michael Hill at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios (2021), How the land lies curated by Miranda Driscoll at Sirius Arts Centre (2020), Fast Slow Fast curated by Catherine Hemelryck at CCA Derry~Londonderry (2019).

She has earned numerous artist in residence awards including the Landscape Ecology Environment Research Residency (LEER) at Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2020/21), Frans Masereel Centre in Belgium (2015, 2014, 2009), The Florence Trust in London (2015/16), FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists in Genk, Belgium (2014).

60 pp | 20 x 24.7cm
Publisher: The Outside Press