‘ELUSIVE’, Darragh Kerrigan

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On the border between reality and the unreal, ELUSIVE is a visual diary created during a depressive episode. Through its dark landscapes it explores frantic skies filled with crows, quiet backroads populated by trees and cats, reflections and fragments of the city, and damp suburbs where cattle dwell under electric pylons.

These images blur the lines which separate the lucid from the dream-state and the banal from the uncanny. This work is a desperate attempt to catch fleeting moments, reflexively creating images as a means of coping with mental distress.

Saddle Stitched Book A5 / Premium Uncoated / 250gsm cover / 120gsm inner

36 pp. | 148 x 210 mm

Darragh Kerrigan is an Irish visual artist based in Dublin. His practice shows the reflexive qualities photography possesses. Concepts which focus on isolation, memory, time, cultural space, and the relationship photography has with literature.

His self-reflective photographic work explores the connection photography has with the human psyche. Documenting spaces which have significance to; the formative years of childhood, the insecurities of being a teenager, and the existential nature of adulthood.