Wayward Eye, Denise Scott Brown

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition Denise Scott Brown, Wayward Eye, Betts Project, London

I’m not a photographer. I shoot for architecture — if there’s art here it’s a byproduct. Yet the images stand alone. Judge what you see.

In 1956, Robert Scott Brown and I photographed architectural set pieces of Venice as records to return to while practicing in Africa. But in the process, more than architecture crept into our photographs.
In 1965, after ten years of urbanism, my foci were automobile cities of the American Southwest, social change, multiculturalism, action, everyday architecture, “messy vitality,” iconography, and Pop Art.
Waywardness lay in more than my eye.
Do I hate it or love it?
‘Don’t ask,’ said my inner voice. ‘Just shoot.’
For Robert Venturi and me, these sequences from Venice to Venice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas provided inspiration and they still do. And via them, architectural photography initiated a move beyond beauty shots and data. Over the last 60 years, by adding analysis, synthesis, recommendation, and design, it has gone from tool to subdiscipline in architecture

—Denise Scott Brown


Editor: Andrés F. Ramirez

58pp. | 161 x 100mm
Publisher: PLANE-SITE