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How does contemporary performance, an art form based in presence and bodily realities, respond to our increasingly digital and disembodied world? Drawn from our six-year print and digital archive, this series of twelve conversations explores experimental contemporary performance that centres on the body.

Topics in the book include: the ambient nature of contemporary warfare; the trial of millennial American whistleblower Reality Winner; the embodied language of autism rights advocate Mel Baggs; UFO origin stories; cultural boycotts in Russia; the practice of self-institutionalisation as a response to hyper- bureaucracy; and the plant world as a viable model for human politics.

Recorded at different times and in different countries, what unfolds through these twelve exchanges is a vision of performance as an antidote to our informationally-saturated contemporary landscape, and a note of urgency about recovering a sense of our bodies in the physical world.

168 pp. | 180 x 250 mm

Founded by three artists (a filmmaker/theatre maker, a choreographer and a writer) in 2015, DRAFF is a living archive of contemporary performance. We publish artist to artist conversations, process materials, short films, podcasts and one-off print editions that unfold the process and concerns of performance today. We have collaborated with performance venues and festivals in Ireland and across Europe/the US. In 2017, we were funded by the Arts Council.