A Short Illustrated Guide to Interacting with People, Emily Mc Gardle

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Things are opening up again, much like a festering wound that won’t quite heal. Maybe you’re starting to see people you haven’t seen since last year. People that you know but you don’t really know. You might have their phone number but it’s not like you’d ever text them. A former coworker, an annoying cousin, someone you were friends with in secondary school. You might be a little bit rusty at making small talk or maybe you’ve been making faces at people while wearing a mask for the past year and you need to learn how to control your face in public. A Short Illustrated Guide to Interacting with People will show you three facial expressions to pair with three key phrases to help you get through almost any conversation. You will also learn which facial expressions to avoid. This book is screenprinted and has a saddle stitched binding.

12pp. | 148 x 104 mm

I am a printmaker from county Monaghan. I graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2016 with a First Class Honours in Fine Art. I was the inaugural recipient of the Mont Kavanagh Trust Fine Art Award (from the DIT Foundation) in 2016. I received a master’s in printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London in 2020 and was awarded the Augustus Martin Print Prize. Before attending the RCA, I worked as a commercial screenprinter for a number of years. I create multi-layer screenprints using hand drawn artwork with an aim to exploit the possibilities of analogue media. The use of drawing allows for texture and distortion to be introduced to the flat surface of the print.