Faux Pas, Amy Sillman

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"I loved the essay on Shape and ‘intense hand-made things’ – it reminded me of the continuous relationship within an artistic process. It’s quite a pacy read, the energy gathered is impressive." - Nominated by Aleana Egan

Essays on art-making, abstraction, humor, not-knowing, awkwardness and more, from one of New York's most influential and popular painters and teachers

Since the 1970s, Amy Sillman--a beloved and key figure of the New York art scene--has developed a singular body of work that includes large-scale gestural paintings blending abstraction with representation, as well as zines and iPad animations.

Over the past decade, Sillman has also produced stimulating essays on the practice of art or the work of other artists: for example, reevaluating the work of the abstract expressionists with a queer eye; elaborating on the role of awkwardness and the body in the artistic process; and discussing in depth the role and meanings of color and shape. Featuring a foreword by Lynne Tillman, Faux Pas is the first book to gather a significant selection of Sillman's essays, reviews and lectures, accompanied by drawings, most of them made specially for the book.

256PP | 120 x 180 mm
Publisher: After 8 Books