Filip Markiewicz

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While Europe and the world are entangled in their own contradictions in celebrating economic growth and technical progress as the salvation horizon of humanity, Filip Markiewicz proposes to dive into a universe of signs and images that reflect the emptiness of our current discourses. He imagines his exhibitions as stages on which individuals are invited to watch the decline of their own civilisation. The myth of the automobile ends in desolate cemeteries of rusted engines and useless tires; giant bank notes stand for the deceptive show of perverted politics and media (self-)representation. As the artist stated in his theatre performance Fake Fiction (Theater Basel, 2017): “Today, we have all somehow turned into Bela Lugosi. The dance of the vampires of the European image can begin. It’s time to put on the masks and drink the digital blood until our hard drive is formatted for eternity.”

Edition Hatje Cantz
Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
Kunsthalle Osnabrück
CCA Derry-Londonderry
NN Contemporary Art, Northampton

with the generous support of
Aeroplastics Brussels & C+N Canepaneri Milano

Catherine Hemelryk, Enrico Lunghi, Filip Markiewicz, Katrin Michaels, Kevin Muhlen, Oskar Schlemmer, C. Raman Schlemmer, Marc Wellmann

224pp. | 285 x 235mm
ISBN: 9783775747790
Graphic Design: Laurent Daubach designbureau
Publisher: CCA Derry~Londonderry

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