Helen Nisbet, Diatecty: It Disappears in Blue and Red and Gold

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‘Shetland wis won by Harald Hårfagre, in da days whan
da Vikings wir settin oot in aa da aerts wi dir axes,
longboats and stinkin haps tied aboot dir backs. Dis cam eftir
da time dat giants roamed an fokk wid wakken in
dir beds tae hear bairns greetin wi a big wan clawed trow
comin in da bedroom window, tearin at dir throats.’

‘I used to live here. I used to work in that care home. The way they lay, the comfort they took in instinctive behaviours when they could do little else. They died a long time ago. Their families will remember them, but they probably don't imagine that I do too... Sometimes with dazzling clarity, I see that 100 years isn't so much. It's all connected. And things that feel ancient become sisters or aunties.’
– from ‘Part 1’ and 'Part 2', It Disappears In Blue and Red and Gold

Helen Nisbet makes a return to family history and memories of Shetland and the displaced reverberations in her contemporary life.

Dialecty, conceived by Maria Fusco with The Common Guild, considers the uses of vernacular forms of speech and writing, exploring how dialect words, grammar and syntax challenge and improve traditional orthodoxies of critical writing.

Commissioned and edited by Maria Fusco

16pp. | 160mm x 240mm
ISBN: 978 1 906012 93 9
Design: Traven T. Troves
Publisher: Bookworks

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