I Build My Own Island, Alison Pilkington

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Alison Pilkington I Build My Own Island is an artist book that is produced in conjunction with Alison Pilkington’s solo show at The Model Sligo in 2021.
Alison Pilkington’s practice taps into an inner world of personal experiences and memory to conjure up strange and unsettling worlds where all is not entirely at ease. Humour and the absurd abound in strange unsettling landscapes, where bizarre figures are a recurring motif.

The book explores series of recurring characters inhabit surreal landscapes that evoke lakeshores, seashores and distant mountain ranges. As is particular to her practice she draws on eclectic references from the poetry of WB Yeats to the paintings of El Greco and the cinematic imagery of Ridley Scott and Andrei Tarkovsky that both collide and merge in a richly allegorical body of work that explores her connections to place and to memory of place.

Designed by Niall Sweeny of Pony Designs with texts by Frances McKee, Jonathan Hunter and Alison Pilkington. The Book also includes a book within the book.

24pp. | 327 x 250 mm