Iphgenia Baal, Merced Es Benz

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Merced Es (10 November 2011 at 11.03pm)
whenever i write things on facefuck, i can always imagine them being read out at a later date in court...
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Benz (11 November 2011 at 8.40am) · Like
all these little things - trust me

Merced Es Benz is an account of a dysfunctional love affair, narrated via SMS, email, Facebook and Google search results. Events unfold against a backdrop of a barely-credible pre-Olympic London where Bow E3’s high-rises are no longer the Ends and east London’s awful art parties, populated by the debased progeny of the rich and famous, do little to dispel 90s rave nostalgia. Remnants of a ‘virtual’ conversation act as a body of circumstantial evidence, betraying a ‘real’ intimacy behind a messy social media scandal that spilled into tabloid coverage.

Iphgenia Baal’s non-fiction novel balances at the jarring intersection of death, mourning and Facebook, as downward mobility proves to be a more intoxicating – if less fatal – drug than heroin. It is published as part of the Semina series, commissioned and edited by Stewart Home, that also featured books by Bridget Penney, Jarett Kobek, Katrina Palmer, Jana Leo and Mark Waugh, as well as Stewart Home himself.

Following a career as a journalist, which came to no uncertain end in 2008, Iphgenia Baal is now a writer. Published prior to Merced Es Benz are the books The Hardy Tree and Gentle Art, assorted serialised ephemera, including The Seedless Grape and The Shiner. Some texts have been adapted for film, including Heavy Vibrations and Topshop Returns. She has contributed to the Nervemeter, International Times, the White Review, Schizm and others and is one half of publishing imprint AKA.

Published as part of Book Works’ Semina series (No.8). Edited by Stewart Home.

160 pp. | 130 x 195 mm
ISBN: 978 1 906012 75 5
Design: Fraser Muggeridge Studio
Publisher: Book Works

Bookworks is a leading contemporary arts organisation with a unique role as makers and publishers of books.
Established in 1984, they are dedicated to supporting new work by emerging artists, and their projects are initiated by invitation, open submission, and through guest-curated projects. Book Works consists of a publishing and commissioning department; and a studio specialising in binding, box-making and multiples. Their activities include publishing, a lecture and seminar programme, exhibitions, the development of an on-line archive, and artists’ surgeries and workshops held by both the publishing department and the studio.