Isabel Nolan,Curling up with Reality

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Curling up with Reality, 2020, is a monograph featuring select work and writing by Isabel Nolan from 2011 to 2020.


The arc of almost every little thing I’ve proffered in public, in exhibitions or texts is quite similar. It goes as follows:

Life is often hard and without meaning in any grand, a priori sense. Art is a good way to find meaninglessness beautiful. Meaning must be invented. And those inventions must be contested and questioned, and never taken for granted.” - Isabel Nolan

Isabel Nolan’s work includes sculpture, textiles, paintings, drawings, photography and writing. Her work responds to the fundamental question of how humans bring the world into meaning. How we make, (through science, politics, agriculture, religion, etcetera), reality happen. Examining the knees of a 17th C sculpture, the status of a Neolithic artefact, or a solar storm in the 19th century, Isabel Nolan looks for the ways we can like, or even love, the difficult and complex human world we’ve made.

Editor Gerrie Van Noord. 

Print run of 750, full colour.

334pp | 26 x 22.5cm
Design: Tony Waddingham
Publisher: Launch Pad and Kerlin Gallery, Dublin in association with Douglas Hyde Gallery