Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry, ed. Amanda Earl

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"Amanda Earl’s tour de force editing has brought an incredible range of practices of visual poetry by women into view. They are each contemporary titles that show the inexhaustible capacity for innovation in our understanding and use of visual language."- Nominated by Johanna Drucker

Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry is a 260-page, full-colour book featuring visual poetry from 36 women in 21 countries, a foreword by Johanna Drucker, and essays on digital visual poetry and the future of visual poetry by Fiona Becket, on women in asemic writing by Natalie Ferris, and on feminist practice with Letraset, the ephemeral and fragility by Kate Siklosi. The book also features an excerpt from a roundtable interview of 13 women artists who work with language and craft. A list of 1181 women currently making visual poetry is also included. The anthology is edited by Amanda Earl.

Contributions by Firyal Al-Adhamy, Rosaire Appel, Erica Baum, Jessica Bebenek, Mez Breeze, Kimberly Campanello, Iris Colomb, Susan Connolly, Judith Copithorne, Kate Daudy, Paula Damm, Lenora de Barros, Johanna Drucker, Amanda Earl, CC Elian, Cinzia Farina, Mara Patricia Hernandez, Tasneem F. Inam, Effie Jessop, Satu Kaikkonen, Dona Mayoora, Kerri Pullo, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Astra Papachristodoulu, Mado Reznik, Karenjit Sandhu, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Ines Seidel, Kate Siklosi, Lina Stern, Stephanie Strickland, Hiromi Suzuki, Ankie van Dijk, Seet van Hout, Terri Witek, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Audra Wolowiec.

260pp | 190 x 230 mm
Publisher: Timglaset