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THE WORK OF THE HAND AND THE MIND is in-part a typeface specimen, a visual poetry exercise and a drawing manual. It presents two variations of a display typeface: CIRC, developed using a technical drawing stencil. This exercise in hand-drawn type connects the poetic and typographic through elliptical, fragmented texts.

THE WORK OF THE HAND [...] formed from the artist’s research within the photographic 'archive' and business records at Eks Skolens Trykkeri (Ex School Printing), a worker-run print co-operative in Copenhagen. Eks Skolens was founded in the late 1960s as an experimental art school and exists in the same building today, operating now as a commercial offset printer – THE WORK OF THE HAND [...] is printed on their litho press. The book joins constellations of research touching upon: the acceleration and resistance of late 20th century digital technologies, primitive word processors (IBM), the divisions of time and labour and of collective working.

The die-cut cover functions as a drawing stencil and readers are invited to put CIRC into use – duplication and dissemination are encouraged.

88pp. | 210 x 260 mm
Co-publishers: Lodret Vandret (DK) and Pleats (UK)
1 colour spot printing (blue), coil bound with die-cut polycarbonate cover

I am a London based artist with a background in artist bookmaking and design, my practice is situated in the expanded field of publishing. I work primarily with print media - with sculpture, drawing and video as extensions of that. ( I also publish under the imprint ‘Pleats’ ( – Departing from many fluid concerns, Pleats is interested in the following areas of contested research: archives, material cultures, the archaeological record and rural landscapes.