Unlawful Assembly, Lucy McKenzie and Alan Michael

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The three books selected here demonstrate McKenzie’s penchant for appropriating ‘popular’ or vernacular idioms from a variety of sources (such as trompe l’oeil painting or crime fiction) and incorporating them into her own oeuvre.

These books also highlight the importance of collaboration in McKenzie’s work and her desire to interrogate the hierarchies which have historically existed between various artforms.  

- Pádraic E. Moore, curator Tour Donas


Unlawful Assembly is a collection of interrelated short stories by the artists Lucy McKenzie and Alan Michael. First published in a limited edition, it was intended as a cheap holiday read to entertain summer visitors to the Mediterranean island of Stromboli, and as a site-specific work.

144 pp | 110 x 180 mm
ISBN: 9783863354909
Publisher: Verlag Der Buchhandlung Walther Konig