Chene De Weekend, Lucy McKenzie

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The three books selected here demonstrate McKenzie’s penchant for appropriating ‘popular’ or vernacular idioms from a variety of sources (such as trompe l’oeil painting or crime fiction) and incorporating them into her own oeuvre.

These books also highlight the importance of collaboration in McKenzie’s work and her desire to interrogate the hierarchies which have historically existed between various artforms.  

- Pádraic E. Moore, curator Tour Donas


Chêne De Weekend was conceived and designed by the artist, and presents her work from the last three years in text and image. Her huge paintings illustrate interiors and reference interior design drafts from the 19th century.

In the paintings, which are up to eight metres tall, she uses the historical technique of trompe-l’œil painting and exhibits them like pieces of theatre scenery in museums in Edinburgh, San Francisco, New York and Cologne.

Lucy Mckenzie explains the motivation behind her complex approach and this is complimented by two more texts: a fictional account of her time studying trompe-l’œil painting at the Ecole van der Kelen (a traditional painting school in Brussels) and a homage to the fashion designer Beca Lipscombe, one of her collaborators in Atelier.



124pp. | 285 x 190mm

ISBN: 9783865606891

Publisher: Walther Koenig