Mouthpieces, Eimear McBride

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Written during her time as the inaugural fellow in the Beckett archive last year, Eimear McBride's three short, characteristically brilliant texts - collected in one work, Mouthpieces.

Each text depicts a fragment of female experience, all of them told in in Eimear's vivid, original and sharp-witted style. In 'The Adminicle Exists', we hear the inner voice of a woman who saves her troubled, dangerous partner; in 'An Act of Violence', a woman is quizzed about her reaction to a man's death; in 'The Eye Machine', the character 'Eye' tells of her imprisonment, flickering through a slideshow of female stereotypes.

Paperback, 2021
48pp | 111 x 160 mm
Printed: CPI Group Ltd. 
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 978-0-571-36581-4