Lunar Confessions, Niamh McGuinne

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The 6 page black and white zine presents a number of third party confessions or statements made in relation to the moon and its effect on behaviour and mood. These may be dismissed as quackery but have in fact reached a level of familiarity and longevity in the canon of myth surrounding the lunar cycle.
While the content differs from catholic church publications, its size and general tone is inspired by these missalette formats, in particular The Irish Messenger which has a strong non-religious association with my family.
The testimonies are presented in silhouette suggesting a need for anonymity and secrecy. Designed to be carried in the pocket for ease and accessibility, the main function of the zine is to reinforce and support the concept of lunarisation.
The zine folds-out to incorporate an activation sheet and instructions for making a Moonhat, to harvest lunar ozone.

6pp. | 145 x 105 mm

Niamh McGuinne’s practice combines print, sculpture and film to create interactive installations. She also make structures, inhabitable or often wearable, whose function is not initially clear. They have echoes of minimalism in their materiality and industrial form but are post minimalist in their handmade assembly. They contain a myriad of possibilities with their indistinct appearance; a refuge from the unknown and invisible overload of the everyday world, where we are bombarded with signs, signals and information. In part influenced by the immersive nature of her paper conservation background, she presents an invitation to participate - either physically or imaginatively.