Object Registry, Barbara Knezevic

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This text is situated within an object, this book, which serves the strange task of becoming a stand in for another object. This book is an understudy object, a proxy that is never expected to perform. I have not seen the object it serves to mark or replace -a sculpture made by Knezevic, damaged and subsequently lost in a Scandinavian gallery -at least apart from photographs. Thus this object aims not only to echo and stand in for the lost one, but also to speak in a space alongside all of the others, represented here, or absent; in storage, disassembled or bought." Rebecca O'Dwyer, An Object Among Others, Object Registry, 2013


Limited run of 300.


128 pp. | 165 x 220mm
ISBN: 9780957607309
Design: Peter Maybury
Publisher: Barbara Knezevic