Opium for Ovid: Daphne

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Yoko Tawada
Translated by Kenji Hayakawa

cover in embossed green and silver paper
woodblock print title
hand sown with glow in the dark thread
stamped and numbered
Designed and hand made by Helena Gouveia Monteiro in Dublin in 2019.

24pp. | 105 x 148mm
Publisher: Stereo Editions

STEREO EDITIONS is a publishing collective bringing together artists, writers, and filmmakers from diverse geographical and intellectual spheres for the production and distribution of limited editions, book-objects, films, and sounds.

Based between Ireland and France, the collective was founded in Marseilles in 2016 by Helena Gouveia Monteiro and Juliette Liautaud to support the creation of challenging edited forms in a mutually supportive environment.

We prioritise collaboration and alternative modes of production and distribution. All our editions are signed and numbered, and ethically produced at a small scale by the collective with all proceeds shared equally with the authors.

Stereo Editions’ publications range from photo-books to DVD and CD editions, to graphic and conceptual works or literary creations. Each project is conceived as a unique form responding to the author’s intentions.