Paper Visual Art Journal Vol. 12

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For this edition of Paper Visual Art Journal we decided to consider an aspect of life that has, over the last eighteen months or so, entered into the strangest sort of flux  touch. We invited a range of artists, writers, and a sportsperson to give a sense of what touch means in their field of study, work, life. We attempted to look at extremes of touch from the violent to the gentle, from broad to detailed, from human to robotic. What became apparent as this publication came together is that both the idea and the feeling of touch are difficult to elucidate ‚Äì an adequate description always seems out of reach.

Kindly supported by the Arts Council

David Beattie, Kevin Brazil, Niamh Campbell, Adrian Duncan, Máiréad Enright, Sophie Gorman, Colin Graham, Andy Lee, Rebecca O’Dwyer, Mairead O’hEocha, Alice Rekab, and Emmett Scanlon.

88pp. | 190 x 237 mm
ISBN: 2565-6376
Design: an Atelier project
Published: Paper Visual Art