Paper Visual Art Journal Vol.13

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For this edition of Paper Visual Art Journal, we have invited artists and writers whose work reflects on or emerges from the land – among our contributors, several are involved in farming or are making work in rural contexts. Their work reflects a growing set of concerns within contemporary art practice in Ireland, centred on farming and the stewardship of the land, as we grapple with the challenges facing a traditionally agricultural society in the twenty-first century. These are artists and writers who explore, in different ways, our relationships to the natural world and the profound ecological, social, and interpersonal questions that surround it.

Contributors: C. S Andrews, Rachel Andrews, Rachel Donnelly, Adrian Duncan, Laura Fitzgerald, Selina Guinness, Francis Halsall, Christine Mackey, Michele Horrigan, Sue Rainsford, Erica Van Horn, Michael Waldron, and Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe.

December 2021
Kindly supported by the Arts Council

pp. | x mm
Design: an Atelier project
ISSN: 2565-6376
Publisher: Paper Visual Art