Peter & Nou, Jane Topping

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A beautiful package by Glasgow based visual artist Jane Topping. Acting as documents to document, this DVD size double book package brings forth two video projects; Peter and Nou. An extension but very much its own deal, this is worth every drop. Their are special bonuses too - a sticker for your laptop, plus an envelope which, for a limited time period, will allow you to post to a PO Box and in return receive an additional book - wowee!

Peter on the other hand:
’“The best Blade Runner sequel is Peter by Jane Topping.” Matt M. Lloyd, Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2017.

Peter (Dir. Jane Topping, 2014) re-frames what is considered a classic of dystopian cinema (Blade Runner, 1982, dir. Ridley Scott) with the intention of positioning the artist within the text and so implying that such radical gestures are not only warranted and necessary, but also implicit in the contemporary viewer’s experience of watching film.

Peter manipulates found footage and narrative voice to reveal difficulties of viewer identification when watching Blade Runner. Peter makes use of wholesale appropriation of ‘facts’, both visual and textual, personal and public, in order to create a new reality around the film. The use of personal biography and the trope of the unreliable narrator are key elements in the discussion of the illusive nature of truth at the core of Peter.’

344pp. | 139 x 195 mm
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