Second Shift, Pivli Takala

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Ed. Kati Kivinen

Pilvi Takala is one of the most successful new-generation artists in Finland. Second Shift is a book and an exhibition featuring her key works from the past decade. The unwritten rules of communities are a recurring theme in the art of Takala, therefore the dynamics of work environments often provide the setting for her work. Takala infiltrates various communities by posing undercover. Through quietly challenging their accepted behaviours, she uncovers and renegotiates what is deemed appropriate. Her works examine how we deal with implicit rules and unspoken boundaries; and how we may express consent with and without words. Pilvi Takala (b. 1981, Helsinki) lives in Helsinki and Berlin.

184 pp. | 170 x 220 mm
ISBNsh: 9789527222089
Publisher: Garret Publications