Endings, Rebecca Cairns

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Endings is a small handmade leporello book, featuring details from ten analogue lumen prints. The book was created in response to the inability to process grief: as a response to the sudden admission of my father to intensive care in October of last year. These fragile lumen prints were created using clippings from his garden; their details are faint, almost disappearing. The work was produced as a means of catharsis; the prints were created during moments of overwhelming grief and uncertainty.

12pp. | 100 x 130 mm

Rebecca Cairns is a Canadian photographer who is currently based in Belfast. She has been a practicing artist for twelve years. Rebecca attended Humber College (Toronto) for Photography in 2009 and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Photography Preservation and Collections Management through Ryerson University. Her work has been featured in a number of international publications and exhibitions. She works with analogue photography to create work that is diaristic in nature: exploring themes of intimacy, transience and temporality. Rebecca primarily uses 35mm or 120mm black and white films and alternative processes experimentally, often shooting landscapes or self-portraits.