Robert Herbert McClean, Dialecty: Skrubolz Garbillkore

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‘Ohwnleeeinn Bellphasst wudyah b’borninn ahplace cauld Frendleee Whay wiffahfuckin myuralaffa bandahfukin terrroristz whanwiffah rauckettlawnchar whanwiffah ayedunnowha anh whan blade wiffah masheeengunn.
Frendleee Whay iffyur furrrtha rahpublikin cawz lak.
Whattzap frum Flukeyluke anh Daza mahcuzinn. Uppattah Sentraall Staishinn abowtaah gyett affah trane frumm Larrnn tha shitehoal werther wuzah yoovee-eff parrteee tha nite baahphore furr summ kunt ouwttah maggabbreee. Flukeyluke ohvarherd summ kunt slabbarinn tha therr wuz gunnah beeah striparr attah thiss parrteee.
Soseah sawnterz uppahtawards Sentrall annaseez tha Flukeyluke izcarreeinn ahweefukin chawawa ihn tha innsyde ahhiz ahddeeedazz jackit. Flukeyluke wuz laffinlakfuk anh Daza wuz doooinn ahfuneee kindah danderrinn lakheeewuz ah tuhff diddlir hoooz fukin legz wer haaff ahsleeep. Tha tooo ahthemm wer hihazfuk onn eeeze tha tha stoll frummah hanbaig.
Ayeim shokdd tha tha llaadz gott bak ahlive lak.
Mawd bastids rowginn tha strippars chawawa lak.
Ayeasskd furr ahn eee mahselff lak furr tha tare lak.’ – from ‘Lululu’, Skrubolz Garbillkore

Here, for Dialecty, Robert Herbert McClean presents us with a phonetic tale of Flukeyluke and Belfast friends.

Dialecty, conceived by Maria Fusco with The Common Guild, considers the uses of vernacular forms of speech and writing, exploring how dialect words, grammar and syntax challenge and improve traditional orthodoxies of critical writing.

Commissioned and edited by Maria Fusco

20pp. | 160mm x 240mm
ISBN: 978 1 906012 94 6
Design: Traven T. Troves
Publisher: Bookworks

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