Pizzerias in The Netherlands 2020-2021, Santiago Candelo

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It is a photographic register of pizzerias in more than 15 cities in The Netherlands. Different typologies and ways of expressing "Italianity". From symbols, colors and stereotypes.

52pp. | 100 x 150 mm

Santiago Candelo was born in the city of La Plata, Argentina in 1984. . He took his first steps in photography, in 2006-07, at the Escuela Superior de Formación Fotográfica. Then studied a bachelor in Photography at Universidad de Palermo (Buenos Aires). He made workshops with Guillermo Ueno at the Centro Cultural Rojas and was part of Creadores de Imagenes, photo group coordinated by Julia Sbriller. He coordinated the activities and workshops of the La Plata cultural house Taller del Caleidoscopio. In 2017 he began to organize Encuentro Fanzinero, an activity that seeks exchange and cooperation between independent publishers in the city of La Plata and its surroundings. On the other hand, in 2018 he founded the independent publishing house "Punta Lara ediciones" with which he edits his own and other artists works. Currently he continues his professional activity in The Netherlands.