The Journey of a Cloud, Tatyana Feeney

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This is a full length (32pg) children’s book that I created to be printed using Riso Print. The story is that of a cloud who is looking for friendship and his journey to find it.

I normally work using monoprint and I wanted to combine monoprint textures with Riso colours to see how they might work together. I chose a story that was simple and that gave me the opportunity to try a selection of Riso colours as indicated by the narrative.

The book is a limited first edition of 40.  It is printed in five colours and is bound with coil binding.


30pp. | 170 x 270 mm

Tatyana Feeney is an author/illustrator whose books include, Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket, Little Owl’s Orange Scarf, Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble and Small Elephant’s Bathtime, Socks for Mr. Wolf and most recently, Eva and the Perfect Rain. 

Tatyana’s books begin with illustrations. Her stories develop from the characters she creates. She enjoys considering their lives and worlds through her images.  

Tatyana's artwork is created using monoprints with collage or watercolours. Texture is an import part of the artwork she creates, and she is always interested in trying new ways of working and creating texture in her art.