The Happy Hypocrite: Issue 4 - A Rather Large Weapon

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The Happy Hypocrite is a biannual journal led by artists’ writings. Informed by a lineage of modern experimental and avant-garde magazines, such as: Bananas, Documents, The Fox, Merlin and Tracks, this journal aspires to unpack the methodology of such key journals, whilst providing a brand new approach to art writing. It will provide a greatly needed testing ground for new writing and research-based projects, somewhere for artists, writers and theorists to express experimental ideas that might not otherwise be realised or published.

In this issue new writing, text and images, a blackboard, an interview, surveillance photographs, heroes, and a blasted copy of the Canadian Indian Act of 1867.

Contributors: Mark Von Schlegall, Nick Thurston, Natasha Soobramanien, Rachelle Sawatsky, Luke Pendrell, Laura Oldfield Ford, Sean Lynch, Robert Longo, Yve Lomax, Daniel Kane, Anthony Iles, Candice Hopkins, Jeff Derkson, Bernadette Buckley.

96 pp. | 167 x 230 mm
ISBN: 978 1 906012 15 1
Design: APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life)
Publisher: Book Works

Bookworks is a leading contemporary arts organisation with a unique role as makers and publishers of books.
Established in 1984, they are dedicated to supporting new work by emerging artists, and their projects are initiated by invitation, open submission, and through guest-curated projects. Book Works consists of a publishing and commissioning department; and a studio specialising in binding, box-making and multiples. Their activities include publishing, a lecture and seminar programme, exhibitions, the development of an on-line archive, and artists’ surgeries and workshops held by both the publishing department and the studio.