The Star Factory, Ciaran Carson

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"The great book of these invisible cities is Ciaran Carson’s The Star Factory, which is part-memoir, part-history, part-reverie, and wholly idiosyncratic. It is my favourite book about Belfast, and one of my favourite books of all, and even though Ciaran has passed away too soon I can still hear his voice clear as day as I read it."- Nominated by Nicholas Allen

Belfast has seen transformation: once the fifth-greatest industrial city in the world, the home of the S.S. Titanic, it has more recently been a battleground of sectarian slaughter. To conjure up the lives lived there, Carson plunges down the 'wormhole of memory' - admiring along the way the strata and roots beneath the surface. Though it has experienced more than its share of urban decay - the Star Factory of the title is an abandoned mill - Carson's Belfast teems with stories, stories that can spring from a telephone directory, a cigarette case, a postcard, a book about tramways, a stamp. For the eye that knows where to look, and the ear that can listen, gems and melodies are everywhere.

320pp | 129 x 198 mm
Publisher: Head of Zeus