Typographic Medium, Kate Bride

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"Kate Bride’s work on typography offers careful analysis of graphical features in ways that enhance understanding of history, style, and form in letters."- Nominated by Johanna Drucker

An innovative examination of typography as a medium of communication rather than part of print or digital media.

Typography is everywhere and yet widely unnoticed. When we read type, we fail to see type. In this book, Kate Brideau considers typography not as part of print media or digital media but as a medium of communication itself, able to transcend the life and death of particular technologies. Examining the contradiction between typographic form (often overlooked) and function (often overpowering), Brideau argues that typography is made up not of letters but of shapes, and that shape is existentially and technologically central to the typographic medium.

432pp | 152 x 229 mm
Publisher: MIT Press