Words about Words: A Lexicographer's List, Éilís Murphy

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‘Words about Words’ playfully explores the language of lexicography, using 26 captivating collages to bring to life esoteric terms, from abecedarian to zeugma.

This handbound artist’s book subverts one of the oldest literary genres – a children's alphabet book – to illustrate unfamiliar yet fundamental words about language. Éilís is fascinated by how words evolve: falling in and out of use, being repurposed and given new layers of meaning.

Each book is unique by virtue of hand-painted paste paper, which gives the cover the chalky feel of a painted canvas. This paper decoration technique has been used by bookbinders since the middle ages.

Limited edition book of 250 signed copies

40 pp. | 160 x 150 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9935770-2-4
Publisher: Folded Leaf

Folded Leaf is a publishing and bookbinding press set up by artist Éilís Murphy in 2014. It creates handmade and limited edition books often in collaboration with other creatives. Folded Leaf is interested in visualising the book in a different way, providing an accessible, tactile format that creates an interactive and intimate space for the audience to engage with.