"He could see behind himself" Diamond T-Shirt

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Isabel Nolan and Alex Synge of The First 47 collaborate on this special T-shirt commissioned by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (TBG+S) to mark their 40th year supporting artists working in Dublin city. By buying a “He could see behind himself” T-Shirt, you will help TBG+S continue to support and invest in visual artists. 

Isabel Nolan is a TBG+S studio artist. Her expansive practice includes sculpture, textiles, paintings, drawings and writing. Whether examining a palaeolithic artefact, or imagery of distant galaxies, Nolan looks at the fundamental question of how humans make life on earth meaningful, and for a way to like, or even love, the melancholic, troubling world we've made.

The First 47 is the studio of Irish graphic designer Alex Synge. The studio primarily works with artists, galleries, publishers and cultural institutions to produce publications, identities, websites and other digital and printed matter.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
 is a leading artists’ studio complex and contemporary art gallery in Dublin, Ireland. This year, TBG+S marks 40 years of artists working in the city.