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Designed with Oonagh Young, this beautiful publication features work exhibited in Nolan’s comprehensive 2021 exhibition A delicate bond which is also a gap at Solstice Arts Centre, and a body of work which followed on from the making of the show. The exhibition alluded to a vast span of time bringing together drawings, sculpture, two woven images of the 40,000-year-old sculpture Löwenmensch, Miracle Wave 2698 CE and concluding with the ambitious, specially commissioned tapestry summoning images of the disintegrating sun When the sky above will not be named. The publication features texts by the artist; Irish fiction and arts writer Sue Rainsford; Berlin based writer and critic Martin Herbert, and an introduction by Solstice director Belinda Quirke.

“The bonds that make us less lonely, that enable us to inhabit this world, seem to defy time and space. They connect us across all kinds of intervals - sonic, spatial, somatic and temporal. These delicate bonds that are also gaps are sub-atomic, social and aesthetic, both fundamental and a matter of convention. It is not miraculous but it can feel as near as dammit. We are the brief emanations of fields that are quantum, electromagnetic, gravitational, chemical, mental, and cultural. We work perpetually to understand each other, the universe, and ourselves. We do this over and over again, alone but together”.
- Isabel Nolan

Solstice Arts Centre, 2024 
165 x 105mm