Weird Times,Yuri Pattison and Tiffany Sia

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Weird Times (2021), is a 30-page chapbook by artists Tiffany Sia and Yuri Pattison on time-telling and hegemony. Featuring writing by Sia and images selected by Pattison, it is a brief history of the development of time-keeping technologies. The clock is disassembled as a political tool, a metronome of coercion and an accelerant of war power. Out of these mechanisms, resistant counter-tempos emerge.

Weird Times was originally commissioned by The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin and produced by Tiffany Sia and Yuri Pattison in response to Pattison’s solo exhibition the engine (2020–2021), The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin.

Paperback, 2021

30 pp| 14.75 x 21 cm.